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I am fascinated by the different physical properties of water. If a visitor from another planet confronted this profound substance that can be vapor, steam, mist, liquid, crystal, they would be awed by this marvelous substance. I aim to preserve this sense of wonder in what I am looking at.

The circle framing sustains the mystery and the strangeness of this element. 


Mouse over image for title. Click image in slide show for full size.  

Union Pond Mist
Tatnuck Cove
Indian Lake ATV
Greendale Ice Flow
Tatnuck Ice Flow
Wachusett Reservoir
Ice Melt
Worcester Reservoir
Greendale Tracks
Indian Lake
Indian Lake ATV
Tatnuck Pond in Winter
Ice, Planetary Nebula
Ice Flows
Ice Waves
Ice Tectonics
Planetary Beachhead
Distant Shore
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